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Local Find: Fuller Craft Museum

Fuller Craft Museum


Yesterday I stumbled upon a wonderful place, The Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton. The staff was wonderfully friendly, the exhibits were beautiful, and it didn’t stop at the walls of the building. The exterior had small details that were delightfully surprising.




Featured exhibits included:


I am particularly interested in the museums artKitchen Café where they offer a Performance Series that includes poetry readings, music, and theatrical performances.

Workshops are also available for those who love to learn a new skill!



The museum also offers a sort of field trip, “On the Road with Fuller Craft Museum”. The trip includes visits to artists and studios in South Dartmouth for a rare insider view of their creative spaces.


Adult admission is $8, members are free, and children under 12 years are free. Free Fun Friday begins in August!

**wheelchair access is located at the rear of the building at the “Education”, be sure to ask out the elevator, as it is small and hidden

My 1-year-old son loved it! He went from being extremely cranky to happy and pointing at everything.IMG_7479 




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